Let's Earn by Playing

Daily Tournaments and Matches to Win cash by Chicken Dinner, to Win by Kills and to Win by the Survival. Join the Match and get high rewards on Winnings, Kills and Survival. Refer your friend to the Application and Get Reward direct to your wallet.

Easy To Use

Hassle Free Match Joining. Quick Join and Get into Room before 15 Minute of Match. it's simple.

Quick Results

Match Results are declaired in 20 minutes of match completion, viewable by Joined Users.

Reedem Cash to Paytm

Get All Winning Amount Directly to Your Wallet within 20 Minute after Match which is Reedemable to your Paytm

24x7 Support

Excellent Upport team to Resolve Issues of Gamers in Match/Off Match by Helpdesk. Easy and Fast Response.

Fair Play

Live Suspact the Match for Fair-Play, No Cheating in Match. We are carefull to reports in gameplay.

Live Spectate

All Live Matches Available publically to view. Our Moderators are Spectating Match while Live Play. Any Hacks Cheats are Detected within a few secounds of time.

Great Application Ever
to Play and Earn.

  • Daily Match
  • Big Winning
  • Cash Per Kill
  • Quick Results
  • Fair Play
  • Referral Reward
  • Reedem Cash
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Just Download the App and Join Match by Paying Little Entry Fee to Win Big Prizes.

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Daily Matches

Upto 4 Matches Arranged on daily basis.

Cash Per Kill

Reedem Cash as per you kills in match


Free Season Royal Pass to Top Player.

Reedem Cash

Get your money direct to your Paytm Wallet.

Referral Rewards

Free Season Royal Pass to Top Player.

Big Winning

Get Winner Prize, Prizes for #2 and #3 Ranks.

Customer Care

Dedicated team to Support Players.

Live Spectate

Live Spectate Matches in out youtube channel.

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See Our Application Overview.

PUBPlay has Powerful UI designed carefully for gamers
by keeping simplicity.


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Download the App Today and Earn 50 Rs Welcome reward.
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Policy and Fair Play

View Our Policies for Fair Play and Privacy.

Read Policy Document


User Data is limited to PUBPlay only and kept safe. No other usage will be made to this details and shared with no one for marketing or any means.


Match Will be made live to spactate and in spectate mode for Moderators. in case of miss-use match may re-organized according to situation.


The GameRoom ID and Password distributed by notification to only joined players.in case of sharing such data player may be dismissed from match.


Player Can cancel joining before 1 hour of match time and become applicable to match fee refund. in case of match canceled, same procedure will be follwed.


User Can Reeden Cash in Paytm only. Rewards and Referral Amount is also applicable to Reedem in Paytm.

Game Play

Player have to enter in Gameroom before 15 minute of Match Start. if Player Faield to do so, no refunds will be made to them.


Read Frequntly Asked Questions.

how to join the game room?

Player can Join the GameRoom before 15 Minutes of Match time. The Room ID is Provided Secretly to Joined Player Only( See Privacy Policy). Player should join room exact between 15 Minute of Start and 5 minute before Match.

What if Any Player Violate the Game Policy and Cheat?

Such Cases are diretly suspended, They Can't Join Another Match untill proven non-guilty. If our Moderator found the player, Participation will be dissmissed directly and result will be declaired accordingly.

Can we Withdraw the Reward Amount from Our Wallet?

The Reward Amount is available to Play and withdraw without any restrictions and any extra transfer charges.

How PUBPlay Does Player Ranking?

The Player Rankings are based on Winning of Match. Like a Player Won match between 10 and 20 will get Silver Level. This levels are important because it is milestones to earn extra rewards.

How to Withdraw my Wallet balance?

To withdraw wallet balance, you need send withdrawal from application and your money will be transferred to Paytm/GooglePay Account Instantly. You should have active account on Paytm.

Money Deducted from Paytm but not added in my Wallet, What should i do?

You can write message to support team. Our Payment support team will instantly check your transaction. If such complained issue detected, your money will be added into your wallet in minimum time.


PUBPlay is a Mobile Application to provide plateform to earn by playing games.